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Morning person tips

Get more out of your day: 5 tips for becoming a morning person

Morning people, who are they? What drives them? Are you a night owl and early mornings are not for you? Can’t grasp what’s so great about getting up early, but on the other hand think there are too few hours in a day? Then it might be a good idea to use the breakfastclub advance. Because let’s face it, the lovely morning sun on your snout when you wake up, a fresh breeze during your morning coffee in the garden and the soothing silence before the rest of the world wakes up: there are plenty of reasons to get up earlier.

Still, sometimes it can be hard to get out of bed, especially if you are a true night owl. The five tips in this article will help you learn to get up earlier and get more out of your day.

Tip 1. Go to bed earlier

It seems like a
, yet most Dutch people go to bed too late. Whether your smartphone, tablet, TV or brooding thoughts are to blame: going to sleep too late will leave you too tired to get up in the morning. As a logical consequence, sleep deprivation makes it impossible to become a morning person.

So what is the first step? Going to bed earlier. Make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Keeping a consistent bedtime allows your body to adjust to a new routine, and over time it will become easier to wake up in the morning.

Tip 2. Get up at the same hour every day

In addition to going to bed early, it is also important to get up at the same hour every day. From now on, weekends are not for sleeping in, because that only makes you more tired – and thus less of a morning person.

Set your alarm clock at the same hour every day and avoid the snooze button, even in the beginning. You don’t become a morning person 1-2-3 and your body also needs time to adjust. Therefore, provide a predictable bedroutine. You will find that after a while you will naturally wake up early, without the help of an alarm clock.

Tip 3. Create a morning routine

Now that you’ve slept in, it’s time to create a fun morning routine for yourself. Your morning routine can be something as simple as drinking a cup of coffee in your bed, waking up to your favorite song or cuddling your cat. Or maybe put on your sports clothes right away before and

morning workout

and go for a run or do 30 minutes of yoga.

Make sure your morning routine is something you look forward to in the morning – that will make getting up and becoming a morning person a lot easier.

Tip 4. Avoid blue screens before going to bed

Your smartphone, tablet, computer and TV disrupt your sleep rhythm. The blue light from these screens keeps your brain alert and also severely disrupts the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This ensures that you don’t get tired and catch yourself at 3 a.m. still scrolling on social media.

Put your screens away and therefore avoid TV at least an hour before bedtime. Instead, opt for a soothing activity such as reading, discussing the best moments of the day with your partner or writing down in a journal or taking a warm bath.

Tip 5. Healthy diet and exercise

Getting up energetically in the morning requires more than going to bed early and waking up at an acceptable hour. A healthy diet and regular exercise can increase your energy levels and boost your sleep quality improve significantly. Do you eat a lot of fast carbs? It takes your body a lot of energy to stabilize those blood sugar fluctuations. Consequently, this leads to annoying symptoms of fatigue. Therefore, go for avoiding sugary foods and drinks as much as possible. Need more tips on healthy eating? Click
. Try exercising in the morning to kickstart your metabolism and increase your energy for the day. Did someone say morning run?

Wake up!

All in all, it is important to have a positive attitude. Changing habits is challenging and requires patience, especially if you are a night owl. Remind yourself why you want to become a morning person and how it can improve your life.

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