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Your personal trainer at home

Personal training when and where you want it!

Since 2007
  • Personal training at home is not only convenient – you don’t have to leave your home – but also tremendously efficient. You train using a personal program, which is tailored to your needs, goals and physical capabilities. By your trainer you will be challenged and slowed down where necessary. So that you will get everything out of yourself and from the training and you can get quick results!

  • Clients choose YourHealth because they are busy, like to train at home or outdoors, need personal and professional guidance and a stick.

  • Morning, afternoon, evening or weekend workouts? We provide training at home or outside, 7 days a week, between 06:30-22h. With us you train where and when you want, nice and easy right? The trainer will be at your doorstep each week with all the sports equipment.

  • That weekly appointment with your Personal trainer is fixed in your calendar, making exercise easier to become a regular part of your lifestyle. You really have a stick!

Why are YourHealth's trainings a valuable investment in yourself, what does it give you?

Why do people choose YourHealth Personal training?


By whom?

  • Our team
    consists of more than 100 expert and experienced trainers. We are active in
    North Holland
    South Holland

  • On a daily basis, we assist customers who have trained with us for many years with complete satisfaction.
  • Each YourHealth trainer has his or her own specialty. YourHealth pays great attention to making a good match between the client and the trainer. For example, are you pregnant or do you want to
    train after childbirth
    Are you in the menopause or would you like to clear your head through a
    -, pilates class or boxing training? We take into account everyone’s situation, goals and specific needs and expectations.

  • Because we think it is important that you can meet the trainer beforehand, if you are seriously interested, we will give you a FREE no-obligation trial lesson. So you can experience if there is a click with the trainer. Because a good match is the basis for pleasant and effective cooperation and one of the most important pillars for success.

And now?

Are you genuinely interested? We offer you a FREE trial lesson. At your home or outside at a place near you. The way to experience whether you have a click with the trainer and whether our vision and method fits your needs and goals.

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