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You are probably curious about the rates for a Personal trainer at home. Logical, since the cost is higher than if you were to exercise at a gym, for example. And that can be explained, because you really get customization.

We are increasingly choosing to have a Personal trainer at home. Because we are becoming more aware (especially in this day and age) how important it is to invest in our health. With Personal training, therefore, you can achieve many health benefits.

YourHealth works with different strip cards. For this, the more trainings you purchase, the lower the hourly rate. Rates for a Personal trainer at home range from 65,- euro and 85,- euro excl. VAT per one-hour training session. The final price depends on which strip card you choose. Read more about Personal trainer rates below.

Hourly rate Personal trainer at home

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Printing costs

There are ways to reduce costs. For example, the hourly rate is lower if you choose a larger package. Also, a
sports buddy
train with us for FREE, so you can share the cost together. In addition, the cost of the coaching program for
may possibly be tax deductible.


The cost of a Personal trainer at home is higher than, say, a subscription to the gym or group classes such as bootcamps. This is partly because;

  • We come to your desired location with all sports equipment. With us, you train where and when you want.
  • You train one-on-one with a professional.
  • You are at the center of every training with us. Your personal trainer will ensure that you will get the most out of yourself and the workout. He will motivate you and slow you down where necessary, to be able to prevent injury and so that you can continue to make progress.
  • With us, you get customization. Your wishes, goals and physical capabilities are always our starting point. So you train at your own pace, receive personal attention and professional guidance, and are challenged each time by varied workouts. 
  • You truly get a customized plan tailored to your needs, goals and physical abilities.
  • Because we have a large team, we have many different specialized trainers in house (medical trainers, boxing trainers, pregnant-and-fit trainers, yoga and pilates teachers, physical therapists, dieticians, etc.). In this way, a very targeted approach is possible. Therefore, we pay great attention to making a good match. That click is the basis for success and for a fun collaboration with your trainer. That’s why if you are seriously interested you will get a FREE intake + trial lesson so you can meet your trainer in advance and see if you click with each other.
  • At YourHealth you can work on your physical and mental health. You can also receive coaching on different lifestyle topics. Think about your balance, setting boundaries, mindset and stress reduction. But you can also work on your diet, sleep and daily exercise routine. After all, everything is interconnected.
  • By staying healthy and fit, you perform better both personally and professionally

Our professionals

Over 15 years of experience

Our team
consists of more than 80 professional and experienced personal trainers and has been operating in
North Holland
South Holland

Our trainers will guide you in achieving your personal health goals and teach you to integrate a healthy lifestyle into a busy life. Equipped with the right diplomas, experience and knowledge, they always know how to provide customized services. Your Personal trainer is your big stick!

And now?

Are you ready to work seriously with a YourHealth trainer on your personal goals? But would you first like to meet the trainer to see if there is click and if our method and vision suits you? We would like to offer you a
FREE intake with a trial lesson
to you!

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