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Personal boxing at home or outside

Personal Boxing

An intensive workout

Personal Boxing is the ultimate workout right now. It is a very effective form of exercise because your whole body is in action. Our trainer will challenge you and make sure you get the most out of yourself. Personal Boxing is a way to improve your strength and fitness and accelerate your fat burning . In addition, it can be a nice outlet for you after a busy work day.

Training is done with and not against each other, with safety at the core. Therefore, during boxing, there will be no contact with the head. Personal training and Personal Boxing are often combined.

Training rooms and supplies

Personal boxing materials and training supplies are provided by our trainers. We don’t need much space. Often we have enough with just a few m2. The trainer comes with all the materials to the place where you want to be trained. It can be at your home or outside in a place near you. Contact us or make an appointment for a
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Home personal boxing benefits

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