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Personal training after pregnancy

Getting fit after your pregnancy

Want to get back into shape after your pregnancy? But do you have poor fitness, suffer from diastasis, pelvic floor problems or have back problems? We provide Personal Training after childbirth, where and when you want. So you don’t have to leave your home, nice and easy right! You can be trained at home, inside or in the garden, or else outside at a place near you. And did you know that your partner can train with us for FREE?

Because pregnancy and childbirth is a drain on your body, it is important to build up exercise gradually and under supervision. It is important that you know which exercises you can and, more importantly, should not (yet) do at this time. Our trainers will help you do just that. And do you feel more comfortable with a female personal trainer? We have female personal trainers active throughout almost all of the Netherlands.

When can I resume exercising after giving birth?

Basically, 6 weeks after an uncomplicated, natural childbirth, you can slowly resume exercising. After an uncomplicated cesarean section, it takes a little longer, at 8 weeks. Once you get the green light from your obstetrician or gynecologist to resume exercising, you can work with your Personal trainer to slowly build it up.

The great advantage of Personal Training, compared to, say, a group class, is that you get truly customized training. Thus, you are the focus of the entire training. Therefore, training will be tailored to your personal needs, goals and physical capabilities. Dosed, you’ll work together toward the best possible recovery from childbirth and results that are sustainable.

Benefits of exercising after pregnancy

Workout where and when you want

We understand that you can’t just leave home. A personal trainer for women at home saves you time and hassle. The trainer will also come to you with all the sports equipment, so you don’t have to purchase anything. You can train at home, indoors or in your yard, or else enjoy the outdoors at a place near you. 

Want to train in the morning, such as after the kids have left for daycare or school? Or just during the day when your child is sleeping, or just when your partner is home? We provide training in mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Duo training

Would your partner or a friend also like to train with you? Then we have good news, because with us a sports buddy can join for FREE! One-on-one training is often done after pregnancy so you can get to know your body again. But once you’ve built up the sports, you can always have a sports buddy train with us for free!

And now?

Want to experience the convenience of a Personal train(st)er at home? If seriously interested, you will receive a FREE intake + trial lesson. So you can get acquainted with the trainer(s) beforehand. Because we think it’s important that you have a click with your personal trainer!

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