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Duo personal training,
at home or outside

Duo personal training

Working out together with your partner, friend or colleague? With us you can, at no extra cost!

1+1 FREE. Do you get extra motivated when you train with a sports buddy? Then choose YourHealth’s duo training program. Don’t you have the same level of sports? That’s not a problem for us. In fact, you train using a training program that is geared to each person’s personal goals, desires and physical capabilities. You follow the personal training sessions together which allows you to motivate each other, but also to have extra fun exercising!

The benefits of YourHealth Duo training

And now?

Do you need that stick from a professional? Contact us for more information. Or make an appointment with your sports buddy for a free trial training at home. The way to experience whether you click with the trainer and whether our vision and working method appeals to you.

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