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Your Health Working Method

Are you seriously interested? We would like to offer you a FREE trial lesson. The way to experience whether our vision and method suits you and whether you click with the trainer. Because it is important to us that you feel comfortable and understood, YourHealth pays great attention to a good match between you and the trainer. That click is the basis for a fun and effective collaboration.


Each trainer has his or her own specialty. In this way, an even more targeted approach is possible with us. For example, we have trainers on our team who specialize in pregnant and fit training or training after childbirth. But we also provide Yoga at home and Pilates at home, Personal Boxing and HIIT training.
Many women prefer to train with a female personal trainer. This is possible at YourHealth personal training, because we actually have many female trainers on our team.

During our initial phone conversation, we’ll identify your goals and needs so we can make a good match. Here, it is also important to know when you can train. So that we can send a trainer who has the same opportunities in his or her schedule. We can train you in the morning, afternoon, evening, weekdays and weekends.

Trial lesson

The trainer will contact you to schedule your trial class. The training can be given at your home or outside at a place near you. He or she will bring all the sports equipment, so you don’t have to purchase anything. For example, the trainer can bring some dumbells, a kettlebell or elastic bands. Not in great shape right now? It doesn’t matter. Most of the people who approach us have a lesser condition. So we have experience with this and the trainer will take this into account during the trial lesson.

Now what?

Did you like the trial class and would you like to start? With us, you can start right away. After the trial class, you cab schedule your first workouts with your trainer. Welcome at YourHealth Personal training!

In summary, how are we going to help you?


After you approach us, we will contact you. Together we will discuss your goals, desires and expectations and what YourHealth can do for you. Upon request, we will schedule a no-obligation and FREE trial lesson with you.

FREE trial lesson

We would lik to get to know you a little better first. Therefore, we will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire. So that the trainer can properly prepare the trial class and thus offer you a training that matches your goals, desires, abilities and expectations.

Go for it!

Did you like the trial class and does our method and vision suits you and do you have a nice click with the trainer? YES, let's start! We will schedule your first training sessions ND and location. At YourHealth, you can usually start in the same week!

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