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Personal trainer Utrecht

Do you want to lose weight, get in better shape or tighten up, but have low sports motivation because you’re busy, don’t have much time or maybe you just don’t enjoy exercising? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we provide Personal training in Utrecht at your desired location.

The trainer will come to you with all the gear. So you can be trained at home or outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a personal trainer in Soest, Zeist or in Abcoude, it doesn’t matter to us. Our personal trainers operate all over Utrecht – including the city of Utrecht. You probably want to know what we can do for you. We would like to introduce ourselves to you!

Who is YourHealth Personal training?

YourHealth has been providing since 2007
Personal training
and Personal Boxing at home throughout almost all of the Netherlands, including Utrecht. In addition, YourHealth offers Duo training, Outdoor Personal training and various bootcamps and corporate fitness. We have been helping busy people get lean, fit and strong bodies for years through personal training, coaching and FREE lifestyle and nutrition tips.

To make it easy for you, the trainer will come to you with all the materials needed for the training. For example, we provide personal training at home, at work or nice outdoors at a place near you.

What can you expect from us?

How does Personal training at home in Utrecht benefit you?

Personal training at home in Utrecht

Personal training is a very effective way of training and is therefore very popular in the province of Utrecht. Personal training is accessible to everyone, regardless of your age and sports history. So you train with us at your own pace, in an environment that is familiar to you and based on a personal program. At YourHealth, you’ll learn which exercises fit your goals and body and why.

Our workouts will be varied so that your sports motivation remains high and your body can continue to develop. The trainer will pay close attention to your posture to prevent injury and will ensure that you will get the best out of yourself and the workouts. Every week he or she will be at your doorstep. You really have a stick!

Outdoor personal training1

Outdoor training Utrecht

We provide personal training at home or outdoors at a location near you. For example, Utrecht has several suitable locations for outdoor training. Such as the Kaapse Bossen, the Gagelbos, Heidestein-Bornia, the Amerongse Bos and the wooded area of Lage Vuursche.
Outdoor personal training
is possible at your desired location, day and time. Would you like to train right before work, in the afternoon around lunch or just in the evening? We are your personal trainer where and when you want!

How YourHealth Works.
personal training province of Utrecht

We understand that it can be quite difficult to work on a stronger, fitter or leaner body in addition to your busy job, busy family life or other responsibilities. We at YourHealth personal training are happy to help you with this. Read our methods here.


After you approach us, we will contact you to hear what your goals and expectations are and discuss how we can help you achieve them. Are you genuinely interested? Then the trainer will contact you to schedule a FREE trial class. The way to experience what to expect from a training and whether you have a click with the trainer.

Free trial class

Happy to get to know you a little better first. Therefore, we will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire. So that the trainer can properly prepare the trial class and provide you with a workout that matches your goals, desires, abilities and expectations.

Getting started!

Did you like the trial class, click with the trainer and want to start? Together with your Personal trainer you will plan your first workouts. With us you can often start the same week, LET'S DO IT!

Locations personal training at home or outdoors in the province of Utrecht

YourHealth Personal training provides personal trainingbusiness bootcampspersonal boxing, duo personal training, outdoor personal training and medical training in the following places in the province of Utrecht, among others:

Abcoude, Achterberg, Achthoven, Amerongen Austerlitz, Baambrugge, Baarn, Bilthoven, Bosch en Duin, Breukelen, Bunschoten, De Bilt, De Meern, Doorn, Driebergen, Eemnes, Heemstede, Houten, IJsselstein, Leidse Rijn, Leusden, Maarsen, Mijdrecht, Montfoort, Nieuwegein, Odijk, Oudewater, Rhenen, Soest, Soesterberg, Utrecht, Veenendaal, Vianen, Vinkeveen, Vleuten, Wijk bij Duurstede, Woerden, Woudenberg, Zevenhoven and Zeist.

Is your hometown not listed? No problem! Because we are  active throughout the Utrecht region. 

Our professionals

Our team consists of nearly 100 Personal trainers. You can find us in North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland and North Brabant. Meet some of our trainers below!

Man en vrouw in sportkleding trainen samen. Hebben lol tijdens "de uitvoering van de oefening "planken

Duo personal training Utrecht

1 + 1 FREE

Would you like to work out with your partner, a friend, co-worker, neighbor, family, or anyone else? You can! And the great thing is; with us, a sports buddy trains for FREE! And do you have different goals or not the same level of sports? No problem, because everyone trains at his or her own pace and gets a customized plan. Contact us to schedule a FREE trial lesson. We look forward to getting to know you and guiding you in achieving your health goals. Welcome!

Frequently asked questions and the answers

  • Both indoor and outdoor options are plentiful. We don’t need much space for training. A few paces of movement is enough.
  • You can be trained at home, indoors or in your yard. Or outside at a place near you. Such as Park Lepelenburg and Zocherpark. But you can also be trained on a grass, sports or playing field in your neighborhood or in your yard.
  • You can also choose to alternate locations. For example, if it rains hard one day, train at home. If it’s dry, then workout outdoors.
  • Whatever your preference, the personal trainers at YourHealth Personal Training take their exercise gear anywhere.
  • We provide training 7 days a week, between 06:30 and 22:00.
  • We would like to hear your preferences in terms of days and times prior to the trial class so that we can look for a trainer that fits your schedule.
  • You decide how often you train during the week. In fact, YourHealth works with strip cards. The advantage of this is that you are not stuck with a subscription, so you can very easily decide how often you train. Want to start 2x a week, for example, because you want to get a boost? And would you like to phase this out later to once a week with a FREE home training schedule? You can! And the other way around, of course, is also possible. We see this, for example, in people who have a very low level of fitness or suffer from severe physical complaints. Then the frequency of training is slowly built up, from 1x a week to later 2x a week.
  • You can also feel free to take a vacation or a weekend trip without it costing you workouts. Just be sure to notify your trainer in time.
  • YourHealth works with strip cards. The cost for a Personal trainer at home or outside in Utrecht is between € 65 and € 85 excl. 21% VAT per one-hour training. The exact price depends on which strip card you choose. For this; the more trainings you purchase, the lower the hourly rate. We offer packages starting at 15 training sessions.
  • Want to cut costs? Then train with a sports buddy so you can share the cost together. And did you know that with us, a sports buddy can train with us for FREE?
  • Are you
    Then the cost of our coaching program may possibly be tax deductible. If necessary, consult with your accountant beforehand.
  • With us, you get more than just a personal and effective training schedule.

What do you get?

  • Personal training and coaching where and when you want, in or around Utrecht;
  • You will receive a
    FREE Lifestyle workbook as a gift.
    So you can also work on your nutrition, exercise, sleep, balance and mindset;
  • Want a personal training schedule for home? Your trainer can set these up for you, which you can find in the app. This is an extra service we offer and is therefore FREE for you, the customer;
  • FREE access to many general workouts in the app. Using 3D videos, you’ll see HOW you perform the exercise, with what WEIGHT and HOW FAR;
  • You get access to our community, with the goal of inspiring you to live even healthier.
  • Do you need a
    customized nutrition plan
    ? You can order these from us starting at just €5.83 per month (including handy AH shopping list!).

There are several forests, parks and moors in Utrecht where you can work out with your personal trainer. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Grift Park: This large city park has sports fields, playgrounds, and several trails for running, walking and biking. There is also a large pond and a skate park.
  2. Park Lepelenburg and Zocherpark: This interconnected park area in downtown Utrecht is popular for running, walking, yoga, and other activities.
  3. Juliana Park: Located in the Zuilen neighborhood, this park also has sports fields and paths for running and walking.
  4. Maximapark: This is one of the largest parks in Utrecht and offers a wide range of sports facilities, including a long “outer ring” that is perfect for running, cycling and skating.
  5. Amelisweerd and Rhijnauwen: This vast nature reserve on the east side of Utrecht has many trails ideal for running and hiking, as well as fields for other activities.

Consult with your personal trainer in advance about which specific location and workout options best suit your training goals and needs.

  • At Your Health Personal Training, we design a training program specifically for you, tailored to your goals, needs and physical abilities, all based on an intake interview.
  • We strive to always offer customized workouts that are completely tailored to the individual, so you can enjoy a workout that seamlessly fits your needs.
  • Do you long for a full-body workout that involves every muscle group? Do you enjoy focusing on strength training, possibly supplemented with cardio exercises because you also want to build your endurance? Or get inspired by yoga or pilates exercises, or maybe even a boxing class? A multitude of combinations are realizable.
  • Various training methods can be used during training. Tell us your preferences in advance so we can take them into account when pairing you with a trainer. With our sizeable team and wide-ranging expertise, we can guarantee a very specific approach.
  • Your personal trainer will bring various sports equipment. Which ones these will be depends on your goals, your abilities and what you find enjoyable. Your trainer can bring dumbbells, elastic bands, boxing gloves, a kettlebell or TRX, for example. In addition, during an Outdoor workout your exercise can be made extra challenging by using park benches, stairs, stretching bars or large stones. And at home, it can be a sofa, chair, table, stairs or wall. Our trainers are very inventive!
  • We are committed to energizing you with varied workouts. So that you continue to find exercise interesting and you can (continue to) make progress.
  • You can focus on different objectives. This can range from improving strength, endurance, coordination and balance, to weight loss, definition, stress reduction, improving posture, preventing or reducing physical complaints, building self-confidence, and developing a regular and enjoyable exercise routine.
  • Here you will find photos of our team members.
  • Male and female YourHealth personal trainers are active in every province.
  • Because we have so many different trainers, each with his or her own specialty, a very focused approach is possible with us.
  • It is important to us that you feel comfortable with your trainer. YourHealth therefore pays great attention to making a good match between you and the trainer. Because we think that click is so important, if you are seriously interested, we will offer you a FREE trial lesson. So you can get acquainted with the trainer beforehand.
  • Didn’t really click with the trainer after the trial class? If so, please contact us. We are happy to think with you about how to proceed.
  • Do you have certain expectations toward the trainer? Above all, please let us know in advance. So that we can take this into account when making the match between you and the trainer. And during the trial class, discuss what your expectations of the workouts are, so the trainer can tell you what he or she can do for you in them.
  • Working out together with your partner, friend, family member or colleague? No problem, you can do that with us. The hourly rate remains the same and therefore costs you nothing extra. That way, you could share the cost with your sports buddy.
  • Don’t you have the same level of sports or different goals? This is not a problem for us, because each one trains at his or her own pace and gets a customized plan.
  • Does one of you suffer from serious physical complaints? Then we advise you to start with the one-to-one training at the beginning, so that he or she gets the full attention of the trainer. This is because it is very important to understand why you are doing something and how to perform the exercises. Has the person mastered the exercises well and are the symptoms decreasing? Then you can always check with your trainer to see if someone can train with you. This is often not a problem, we are very flexible in this.
  • Yes, you can get a FREE home (or vacation) workout schedule. Fine right when you get to train on your own in addition to the workouts! This will help you achieve your goal faster and keep your sports motivation high.
  • Your trainer can create a training schedule for you in the app that will be tailored to your personal needs, goals and abilities.
  • The training schedule for home (at the gym or outdoors) is included in the price, you don’t have to pay anything extra for this.
  • You will find your personal training schedule in our app, using a 3D video. So you can see very clearly how you perform the exercise, how often and with what weights.
  • In addition to the customized training schedules, there are also your general training schedules in the app. And you’ll find our Lifestyle Workbook in there, you get access to our community AND you can order personalized weekly schedules through the app. In this way, in addition to one-on-one training and coaching with your personal trainer, we hope to inspire you even more to live healthier.

Here, unfortunately, we cannot give a standard answer. It depends on many factors, such as;

  • What is your goal? Want to lose 20 pounds, get more muscular, want to be able to wear your old clothes again? Want to participate in a marathon or simply develop a new lifestyle?
  • How often will you train? Do you want to work out with a personal trainer once a week or 3 times a week? What will you do next to this, will you also train independently? In general; the more you exercise, the faster you will lose weight, the more muscular you will become or the sooner you can get rid of your symptoms, etc.
  • How healthy do you eat? Are you getting serious about your nutrition (for example, with our workbook that details many nutrition tips)? Or are you not paying attention to this?
  • Do you suffer from a lot of stress? In fact, stress has a negative impact on your physical and psychological condition.
  • What is your genetic predisposition like? Thus, some can build muscle faster than others.
  • How is your hormone balance? Women in menopause gain weight faster and lose weight more difficult.
  • How fit are you now? Have you exercised recently or not at all?
  • What are you willing to do to achieve your goal? Many factors affect your health and training results. In addition to more exercise and healthier eating, consider your sleep patterns, the level of stress, the balance between your in and out, as well as your self-image and mindset. Often habits must be broken. Such a change in behavior often does not happen by itself. It’s up to you how you deal with it, what choices you make in this.

As you can read, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve certain results within a certain period of time. However, we can advise and support you in this. Through coaching, mentoring and training, we aim for lasting results.

Yes, you can. Because we have a large team active throughout almost all of the Netherlands, consisting of more than 100 female and male personal trainers. Thus, we have active female personal trainers in all provinces. Please indicate your preference in advance so we can take it into account when making a match between you and the trainer.

  • We don’t need much space for training. A few paces of movement is enough.
  • You do not need to purchase sports equipment. For example, the trainer will bring the sports equipment needed for your workout. All you need is snug-fitting sportswear, a pair of sturdy athletic shoes that fit snugly around your feet, a towel and a water bottle.
  • You can train indoors at your home (or office). The trainer will then bring all kinds of sports equipment needed for your workout (such as some dumbells, a kettlebell, a TRX, boxing gloves or a medicine ball). But it can also be used inside, for example, the countertop, a bench, the stairs or a desk or chair.
  • You can also be trained outside. Such as in your yard, in a park or forest near you or on a sports, play or grass field around your corner. Outside, you can be extra challenged by steps, benches, sidewalks, etc.
  • This way, a good full-body workout is possible!

YourHealth operates in the provinces of North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland and Brabant.

In addition to the trainings, you will receive a FREE Lifestyle Workbook as a gift. In it are, among other things, an awful lot of
nutrition tips
. Would you rather get started with weekly schedules anyway? This is also possible with us. So you can order personalized nutrition plans (incl. handy AH shopping list) from as little as €5.83 per month! Click
for more information.

After your first official training, YourHealth will send you your invoice via email, including a convenient (Mollie) payment link. Payment is due within 14 days.

  1. Contact

After you leave a message through the website, we will contact you (i.p. the same day) to hear what your goals, desires and expectations are. Together we will discuss how we can help you do this. Is this what you are looking for and are genuinely interested? Then we will ask what days and times you could train. With this information, we will look for a trainer that fits your schedule, desires and goals. Your trainer will contact you next for a brief telephone introduction and to schedule your FREE trial class.

  1. Trial lesson

Happy to get to know you a little better first. Therefore, we will ask you to complete an online medical questionnaire prior to the trial class. So that the trainer can properly prepare the trial class and provide you with a workout that will match your goals, desires, abilities and expectations. A personal training session lasts an hour, a trial class +/- half an hour. That way you can get an impression of who your trainer is and how she teaches. In addition, there is room to go over any questions and expectations together. Above all, make these known in advance so that the trainer can explain to you what he or she can do for you in them.

  1. Let’s do it!

Did you like the trial class and were your questions answered? Do you click with the trainer and would like to start? Super fun, welcome! Together with your personal trainer, you will schedule your first workouts and agree on a location. With us you can often start the same week, LET’S DO IT!

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