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Tips for a healthier lifestyle

As an extra service, we'll give you a FREE Lifestyle Workbook (NL) as a gift. So that in addition to the Personal training, you can also work on a healthier diet and exercise pattern, a stronger mindset and better balance.

Nutrition Tips

  • We do not recommend a diet and do not work with powders, shakes and bars. The workbook does not include personalized nutritional schedules (by the way, you can recently order these separately from us order them separately from us .

  • In the workbook you will find general nutrition tips that you can actively work with yourself. And that can be done in small steps. So that you consciously reflect on what is achievable for you at this time and you can achieve results that are sustainable.

  • During the training you can spar with your trainer about what you are struggling with, what might be causing it and what you could possibly do differently.

Lifestyle Tips

Sports and nutrition play an important role in your physical and mental health. But more lifestyle components affect this. Consider the level of stress, your sleep pattern, mindset, your daily exercise pattern and the balance between your inactivity and relaxation. So that in our workbook there is also information and practical tips about this.  

In the workbook you will also find coaching questions prepared by a motivational interviewing trainer. So that you can start creating a step-by-step plan of action with the goal of improving your overall lifestyle. What exactly are you getting your hands on? Read it below.

Lifestyle workbook (written in Dutch)

Voorkant werkboek YH

What do I get?

Every week a new tailored eating schedule (written in Dutch)

Do you still feel the need for weekly menus that are tailored to you personally? Recently, you can do that at our va. €5.83 per month! Do you eat gluten-free, no meat or don’t like certain products? Do you exercise a lot and sit at the computer a lot? Whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight, you will be given a weekly schedule that will be tailored to your energy needs, preferences and goals. You will also receive a handy shopping list! Want to know more? Click below.

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