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Outdoor training

Personal training outdoors

Outdoor training

Workout with your personal trainer outdoors!

Do you prefer to train outside? Then YourHealth’s Outdoor personal training is for you. This training is provided by one of our personal trainers. You will receive individual training guidance outdoors, at a location near you. It can be in your garden or in a forest, park, on a sports field or any other place outside in your area.

You will receive a training schedule which will be tailored to your personal needs, abilities and goals. Want to lose weight, improve fitness or simply live healthier? Or are you suffering from an injury that you want to work on with your trainer? Several goals can be achieved with us. The trainer will help you step by step in finding a healthy lifestyle that is easy for you to maintain. Together you go for sustainable results.

Health Benefits Outdoor personal training

Goals Outdoor personal training

With one of our personal trainers, you can work on outdoor:

  • Lose weight; burn fat in a fun way and get tighter in your skin.
  • Rehabilitation; working on injuries in the healthy outdoors, for example.
  • Get stronger, more muscular and fitter; Outdoor personal training is very effective for building your endurance and strength.

And now?

Want to experience for yourself how fun and effective YourHealth outdoor training is with one of our trainers? Then contact us and make an appointment for an intake with FREE trial lesson. Our team is ready and happy to help you with a personal and professional approach.

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