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Corporate fitness accessible to all

With corporate fitness from YourHealth, active fitness and strength training is done outside in groups. Because of the social element, there is also room for fun during this workout. The program is challenging, varied and accessible to everyone, regardless of age or athletic level.

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Actively end the workday

What could make you feel better than ending a busy work day with a wonderful, active bootcamp workout? Exercising right after work avoids traffic jams and leaves time in the evening. Playing sports after work clears the head, it makes for a fit body and sports create a healthy team spirit.

YourHealth personal training’s corporate fitness trainers provide 60 minutes of Business bootcamp near the workplace and provide challenging sports equipment. The cost of this YourHealth activity may be tax deductible for business owners.

Benefits Corporate Fitness

YourHealth Corporate Fitness

The YourHealth Business bootcamp is a full-body workout. Together with your peers, you’ll train outdoors in a group setting, led by one of our personal trainers. The Business bootcamp is a challenging and varied way to get and stay fit. The workout consists of various exercises using your own body weight and sports equipment brought by the trainer. In between, there will always be a short break.

This type of exercise focuses on burning fat, building muscle and improving your fitness and resistance. Through exercise, you improve your load capacity both personally and professionally. Make an appointment now for a FREE trial workout.

Bootcamp as a bachelorette party?

Looking for a sporty, fun, healthy activity for a bachelorette party? YourHealth takes care of it for you!

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