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FREE trial lesson

We can imagine that if you are seriously considering Personal training, you would like to experience a workout first. It is nice to know in advance who your trainer will be. A good click with the trainer is important, which is the basis for fun and effective cooperation. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to take a free trial class if you are seriously interested.

What can you expect from the trial class?

Happy to get to know you a little better first. So that you start by filling out our medical questionnaire. So that we can identify your needs, goals and any physical complaints. We will also ask about your medical history, your sports motivation and expectations. So that the trainer can provide you with a trial class that will match your goals, desires and abilities.

For the trial class, the trainer will come to you with all the equipment. Normally a Personal training session lasts an hour, a trial lesson about half an hour. Did you like the trial class, did you click with the trainer And do you want to start? With your trainer, schedule your first workouts so you can get started nice and fast!

Medical intake

In most cases, during your first workout, we perform a number of measurements, as desired. For example, every YourHealth trainer works with a Tanita scale. With this we measure not only your body weight, but also your physical composition. You will find out your muscle mass , fat percentage, metabolic age and fluid percentage.

Such a measurement is not mandatory. For example, we believe that you yourself are the best indicator, ‘are you more comfortable in your skin, do you notice that your energy is increasing and are your clothes more comfortable?’ That’s actually more important to us than all those numbers. But for the trainer, it is fine way to monitor how your body responds to the workouts. For example, is your muscle mass increasing, is your visceral fat decreasing, how is your fluid percentage? This way, the trainer can always adjust your personal plan if necessary. In addition to weighing, your circumference can be measured, as can your blood pressure with heart rate.

After this medical intake, we have a pretty good idea of your physical condition and have a starting point from that point on. These measurements are repeated once a month in most cases.

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