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Female personal trainer

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Female personal trainer

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Female personal trainer

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Man en vrouw in sportkleding trainen samen. Hebben lol tijdens "de uitvoering van de oefening "planken

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Frequently asked questions female personal trainer

Our female personal trainers offer specifically tailored sessions for women, both at home and outdoors, in the North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland and Brabant regions.

Options for training are diverse and flexible, both indoors and outdoors. We only need a small amount of movement to organize an effective workout.

Your living space, whether indoors or in the garden, can be the perfect place for a workout. You can also choose to train in a nearby outdoor area such as a park, forest, moorland or even a local grass, sports or playing field.

Regardless of your choice, the personal trainers at YourHealth personal training are always ready to bring their equipment and provide a workout WHERE and WHEN it suits you.

We offer training sessions at various times throughout the day, from early morning to late evening, and even on weekends. Our training hours run from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm.

Whether you like to train before work, during your children’s school hours, just after your work day, in the evening or on weekends, we put your needs first. After we determine your available days and times, we will search for a female personal trainer to match your schedule.

At YourHealth personal training, we design a customized training program specifically designed to meet your needs, goals and physical abilities based on an initial intake.

All of our training sessions are unique and completely customized to the individual, so you can always enjoy a session perfectly tailored to you.

Whether you crave a total body workout that addresses every muscle group, or you want to focus on strength training with some cardio to improve your fitness, or you get excited about yoga or pilates exercises, or maybe a boxing workout? Numerous combinations are possible.

Different training methods can be integrated into your sessions. It is important that you indicate your preferences during the intake so that we can consider them when pairing you with a trainer.

Given our sizeable team and the wide range of specializations we have in-house, we can guarantee a highly focused approach. Your personal trainer will bring different sports equipment depending on your goals, abilities and what you enjoy. This can range from dumbbells and elastic bands to a kettlebell or a TREX. During outdoor workouts, your challenge can be increased by using existing environmental elements such as benches, curbs, stairs, stretching poles, large rocks, tree trunks and the like. At home, you can use furniture, stairs or walls. Our trainers are very inventive!

Our goal is to continually challenge you with varied training sessions to keep you motivated, engaged and making continuous progress. You can work on various goals, such as strength improvement, fitness, coordination and balance, weight loss, stress reduction, better posture, reduction or prevention of physical complaints, increase in self-confidence and more consistency and enjoyment in exercise.

There are several reasons why you might consider hiring a female personal trainer, and they vary based on your unique needs and goals:

  • Knowledge of the female body: female personal trainers have a deep understanding of the specific physiological and hormonal requirements of the female body. This allows them to design efficient training plans that target women.
  • Ease and confidence: there are women who feel more at ease and more confident when they train under the guidance of a female trainer. This can result in a better bond and communication between you and the trainer.
  • Example and motivation: a female personal trainer can serve as an example and inspiration for women striving to achieve their fitness goals. Observing someone who has overcome similar obstacles can be stimulating.
  • Focus on female-focused goals: female personal trainers can focus more on specific fitness goals more common among women, such as strengthening pelvic floor muscles, improving posture during and after pregnancy, or targeting certain problem areas.
  • Empathy and emotional help: in some situations, female personal trainers can provide a greater degree of empathy and emotional help, which can lead to the success of a training regime.

It is essential to keep in mind that choosing a personal trainer is based on individual wants and needs. Both male and female personal trainers can provide effective and supportive help in pursuing your fitness goals.

  • YourHealth personal training uses a system of strip cards. The price for a Personal trainer who trains at home or outdoors ranges between €65 and €85, excluding 21% VAT, for a one-hour session. The final price depends on the type of package you choose. The rule is: the more training sessions you select, the lower the hourly rate. We have packages available starting at 15 sessions.
  • Want to cut expenses for a personal trainer at home or outside? With us, a training partner (male or female) may join for FREE! Whether you want to train solo or with one or more training partners, this has no impact on the cost.
  • Are you an independent contractor? The expenses may potentially be tax deductible.

How often you ideally train with a female personal trainer depends on several elements, such as your personal goals, current fitness level, availability and budget.

Here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Beginners: Have you been inactive for a while? If so, working out with a personal trainer twice a week may be recommended. This promotes developing a strong foundation, learning correct techniques and getting used to the new routine.

    Do you find it too expensive or can’t manage to train with a personal trainer twice a week? And do you prefer a weekly session with your trainer? Then know that at Your Health personal training you can receive a FREE home training plan in addition to individual workouts! Our app offers 3D videos of standard workouts. In addition, your trainer can create a customized training schedule for you. This will give you clarity on how to perform the exercises, how intensely and how often. This incurs no additional cost.

  • Average fitness level: If you already have some experience working out, but are pursuing specific goals or want to improve your workout routine, consider working out 1-2 times a week with a personal trainer.

  • YourHealth personal training uses strip cards, allowing you to determine the frequency of your workouts. For example, you could start with twice a week to get a BOOST and build an exercise routine. Later you can reduce it to once a week. Of course, the reverse is also possible. For example, do you have physical problems or is your fitness currently not optimal? Then you can start with once a week and later increase it to twice a week.
  • Do you work varying work hours and cannot train on a set day? No worries. Each week you will discuss with your trainer the days and times that are most convenient for you. As you can see, we like to think with you and offer a lot of flexibility.

Ultimately, the optimal frequency depends on your personal situation and goals. It is essential to discuss with your personal trainer to develop a customized exercise program that meets your needs and fits within your schedule and budget.

Indeed, with us you will be assigned a regular personal trainer. This prevents you from having to get used to a new trainer and explain your goals and desires over and over again. You develop a rapport with your trainer and from that foundation you get to work.

Absolutely, that does not pose any obstacle for us. Everyone is welcome, which is what makes it fun! We have offered both Personal, Duo and Small Group workouts, as well as bootcamps, for both men and women for many years.

Absolutely, it is possible! We began in 2007 as one of the pioneers in offering personal training at home. YourHealth personal training team has now grown to more than 100 male and female personal trainers. So you can certainly choose a male personal trainer as well.

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