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Personal training benefits

Outdoor personal training Oostknollendam

Many of our clients train outdoors. Because outdoor exercise has many positive effects on our physical and mental health.

  • Thus, you produce more endorphins during an outdoor workout. This, combined with sunlight, makes you feel happier and relaxed, more creative and more concentrated.
  • An outdoor workout further increases your resistance and sleep quality.
  • Colder temperatures, wind resistance and moving on unpaved and uneven surfaces, among other things, burn extra calories.
  • You train with your own body weight, with sports materials brought by the trainer, and you can be extra challenged outside by such things as steps, benches or sidewalks.

Would you too like to work out outdoors with your personal trainer in Oostknollendam? For example, in your garden, on a lawn around your corner or in a park or forest? You can! We are your personal trainer whenever and wherever you want.

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