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Female personal trainer

Fit and vital during and after menopause

  • Are you experiencing hindrance from symptoms of menopause and looking for solutions? Since 2007, we have been providing personal training at home and outdoors tailored specifically for women and taught by female instructors. Thanks to this individual approach, we have supported countless ladies during and after menopause in obtaining a healthy, energetic body and improved balance.

  • In addition to the training sessions, you will receive from us a
    FREE Lifestyle workbook
    . This allows you to work on your nutrition, mindset, relaxation, sleep and exercise in addition to private workouts.

  • The timing of menopause can be accompanied by fatigue, apathy and a range of discomforts such as night sweats and pain in muscles and joints. Exercise may not seem appealing, but it is precisely by getting active that you can reduce the symptoms of menopause. Strength training, for example, increases your muscle mass, which is beneficial for your metabolism and fat burning.
  • We would like you to experience that exercising can be fun (again) and help you combine a healthy lifestyle with a busy life. So that you end up, literally and figuratively, feeling good about yourself again!
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Benefits of exercising during and after menopause

How can we support you?

  • You will receive professional coaching from a female personal trainer. Our team consists of more than 80 instructors, each with her own specialization, allowing us to offer a very specific approach;

  • You will be trained where and when it is convenient for you, at home or outside at a location near you, in the morning, afternoon, evening or on weekends;

  • You train with your own body weight and with sports equipment brought by the instructor, such as dumbbells, a TRX or elastic bands. So you don’t have to buy anything and we only need a few square meters of moving space;

  • Each person is unique. That’s why you train at your own pace with us and get a customized plan that takes into account your personal needs, goals and physical abilities.
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Duo personal training

Would your partner or a friend also like to train with you? Then we have good news, because with us a sports buddy can join for FREE! And don’t you have the same goals or a different level of sports? This is not a problem for us, because everyone gets a customized plan that is tailored to each person’s needs, goals and physical condition. Seriously interested? Then schedule a trial lesson with one of our trainers.

And now?

Want to experience the convenience of a Personal train(st)er at home? If seriously interested, you will receive a FREE intake + trial lesson. So you can get acquainted with the trainer(s) beforehand. Because we think it’s important that you have a click with your personal trainer!

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